Last week, more than forty members of the Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale came to visit the laboratories of the Institute For Neurosciences Of Montpellier and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Biotherapy.

Welcomed by Dr Sylvain Lehmann and his teams, as well as by the FRM’s Occitanie/Languedoc-Roussillon Committee, the participants were able to enjoy a real immersion at the heart of research and discover 3 research projects, 2 of which are currently funded by the FRM.

Impact of environmental pollutants on the brain: towards a better understanding of neurological diseases (Veronique Perrier)
RNA chemistry, a new field of biology and its applications for tomorrow’s medicine (Alexandre David)
Mass spectrometry, an innovative tool for patients (Christophe Hirtz)

We want to thank the FRM member for their interest in our field and for their donations, making the reasearch and innovation possible!