We are happy to announce a new project financed by the INCa in the framework of the Montpellier-based partnership* SMART: RNA methylation and FTO activity steer colorectal cancer cell phenotype

Fat mass and Obesity-associated protein (FTO), a nuclear m6A demethylase, has been identified as the only m6A effector capable of bridging the CSC phenotype in colorectal cancer (S. Relier et al, Nature Communications 2021).
The aim is to characterize the molecular mechanisms connecting the dynamics of m6Am with the development of stem properties. As a result, it could lead to the identification of new targets, protein or RNA, to treat resistant forms of cancer.

*Alexandre David (PI), Christophe Hirtz (IRMB/PPC), E. Rivals (LIRMM) and Evelyne Crapez (ICM)